I might do comedy. I think it could be really good for me. Sure, I’ve been known to suffer from crippling creative self-doubt. All the more reason to go for it, right? To push through all that fear and anxiety and come out better for it in the end? Yeah. Comedy. I think it could … Continue reading Comedy

That Time I Quit My Job

    "It seems so simple to just write a check," I said to myself, squinting at the small print on the paperwork accompanying the ADP-issued prepaid card that held my last paycheck. The HR rep at my work assured me that it would be easy to deposit into my own bank account. I suspected her … Continue reading That Time I Quit My Job

Dream Log #12: Donkey Kong Adventure

  I am standing beneath a pergola of Japanese inspired design. My best friend is with me. We stand together and admire a volcano in the distance, across a still and shining body of water.   Suddenly, molten rock shoots from the volcano's mouth. The trajectory of the rock defies physics, propelling horizontally toward us … Continue reading Dream Log #12: Donkey Kong Adventure