I might do comedy. I think it could be really good for me. Sure, I’ve been known to suffer from crippling creative self-doubt. All the more reason to go for it, right? To push through all that fear and anxiety and come out better for it in the end? Yeah. Comedy. I think it could … Continue reading Comedy

That Time I Quit My Job

    "It seems so simple to just write a check," I said to myself, squinting at the small print on the paperwork accompanying the ADP-issued prepaid card that held my last paycheck. The HR rep at my work assured me that it would be easy to deposit into my own bank account. I suspected her … Continue reading That Time I Quit My Job

MTV’s “Awkward” Strikes Out

  I just missed the boat when it comes to the music era of what I refer to as “Maternity Television,” or MTV for short. I vaguely recall exposure to it for a brief moment in my youth, images of Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady music video flashing across a modest 32” screen attached to a … Continue reading MTV’s “Awkward” Strikes Out

A Finisher of None

  Back when I started business school (for the third time, I might add), my Marketing 101 professor explained to us the psychological dilemma that occurs when a person feels overwhelmed by too many choices: they shut down.   This is where I find myself this evening.   I am a starter of many projects … Continue reading A Finisher of None

iPhone, Meet Drawer.

  I have this fantasy of being one of those writers that holes up in some decrepit old property, seemingly fading into obscurity until the inevitable day comes when I birth a masterpiece and release it into the world.   A recluse. A hermit. Whatever term you want to call it. As long as it entails … Continue reading iPhone, Meet Drawer.

The Creation of Time: Millennial Edition

  There never seems to be enough time in the day. But as one of the greatest coffee mug sayings in the world goes: “You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé.” I come across a picture of this mug on Pinterest, lazily scrolling through the endless feed on a Wednesday … Continue reading The Creation of Time: Millennial Edition

adult (uh-duhlt, ad-uhlt) v.

  Adult is not a verb. I am not one to use it as such. But today, I understand.   Today is the company holiday party.   Today, I am reminded that I am an adult, obligated to do adult things. Like attend the company holiday party. Or go to work at all, when what … Continue reading adult (uh-duhlt, ad-uhlt) v.

Instamodel Meltdown: Essena O’Neill’s Social Media Tirade

  By now I'm sure everyone's heard of former Instamodel Essena O'Neill and her tirade against social media. The reason I say this is because all the major media outlets are cramming the story down our throats. It's not as if O'Neill's claim that "social media is not real" is news. I know social media … Continue reading Instamodel Meltdown: Essena O’Neill’s Social Media Tirade

A Word of Advice: Alcohol and Writers Groups

  Don’t get buzzed before the meeting has even started.   I guess I had this image in my head of intellectuals sipping wine and discussing the classics. Perhaps my mistake was substituting wine with bourbon and vodka. Regardless, I was schnockered before we finished with the first critique, rendering any contributions from me that … Continue reading A Word of Advice: Alcohol and Writers Groups