Dream Log #12: Donkey Kong Adventure

  I am standing beneath a pergola of Japanese inspired design. My best friend is with me. We stand together and admire a volcano in the distance, across a still and shining body of water.   Suddenly, molten rock shoots from the volcano's mouth. The trajectory of the rock defies physics, propelling horizontally toward us … Continue reading Dream Log #12: Donkey Kong Adventure

The New Generation of Writers: Clicks, Lists and GIFs

  On a late afternoon in fall, perhaps after returning from a lecture in a Greek or Roman studies course at Oxford, young Oscar Wilde sits in his cramped dormitory and contemplates a long while, his MacBook Air open before him on the desk. Fragments of a new idea formulate in his minds eye, an … Continue reading The New Generation of Writers: Clicks, Lists and GIFs

MTV’s “Awkward” Strikes Out

  I just missed the boat when it comes to the music era of what I refer to as “Maternity Television,” or MTV for short. I vaguely recall exposure to it for a brief moment in my youth, images of Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady music video flashing across a modest 32” screen attached to a … Continue reading MTV’s “Awkward” Strikes Out

adult (uh-duhlt, ad-uhlt) v.

  Adult is not a verb. I am not one to use it as such. But today, I understand.   Today is the company holiday party.   Today, I am reminded that I am an adult, obligated to do adult things. Like attend the company holiday party. Or go to work at all, when what … Continue reading adult (uh-duhlt, ad-uhlt) v.