iPhone, Meet Drawer.

I have this fantasy of being one of those writers that holes up in some decrepit old property, seemingly fading into obscurity until the inevitable day comes when I birth a masterpiece and release it into the world.
A recluse. A hermit. Whatever term you want to call it. As long as it entails that I be free from the invisible shackles of technology. The burden of anyone being able to reach me at any given time.
I attempted my first stab at realizing this impossible dream. I turned off my phone, put it in the top drawer of my dresser and closed it.
The thought of leaving it there, and leaving the house without it the next day, sent a shiver down my spine.
No communication.
No Google Maps.
No Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.
This, I thought, is the future.
Then I realized I needed to set my alarm.


One thought on “iPhone, Meet Drawer.

  1. Ah, yes. The old sheltered existence tactic.

    Many years ago, in the verdant sun-quenched hills of rural Brazil, I experienced such a thing.

    Let me tell you: it is, in all regards, a blessing and curse alike.

    Tranquility compounded by cabin fever.
    The gentle whispering breeze that carries the scent of wildlands unto every fiber of your being.


    Its wondrous – for a time.

    And then… The madness of interconnectivity, of digital existence, of social relationships begin to knock at the aging gates of sanity.

    Sometimes, tranquility is the ember that sets creativity alight.

    Others, a stagnant tide extinguishing every hint of passion.

    When in doubt: I pick up a book or three, load my backpack with munchies, grab a fresh pack of cloves, charge my ipod, and go explore. 🙂

    Environment is everything.

    Sometimes, all you need is a change of scenery.

    …Or merely the *right* scenery.

    But aye, disconnecting from worldly madness can be a writer’s boon. Or their downfall. 😉

    Sometimes, its that very madness that propels us to write and create.

    Just my two cents. Cheers and be well!


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