I might do comedy. I think it could be really good for me. Sure, I’ve been known to suffer from crippling creative self-doubt. All the more reason to go for it, right? To push through all that fear and anxiety and come out better for it in the end? Yeah. Comedy. I think it could … Continue reading Comedy

That Time I Quit My Job

    "It seems so simple to just write a check," I said to myself, squinting at the small print on the paperwork accompanying the ADP-issued prepaid card that held my last paycheck. The HR rep at my work assured me that it would be easy to deposit into my own bank account. I suspected her … Continue reading That Time I Quit My Job

Dream Log #12: Donkey Kong Adventure

  I am standing beneath a pergola of Japanese inspired design. My best friend is with me. We stand together and admire a volcano in the distance, across a still and shining body of water.   Suddenly, molten rock shoots from the volcano's mouth. The trajectory of the rock defies physics, propelling horizontally toward us … Continue reading Dream Log #12: Donkey Kong Adventure

Literature in Classrooms: NYU Professor Banned from Teaching, Junot Díaz Short Story Controversy

  An NYU professor has been banned from teaching at the Sarasota County school district in Florida, demonstrating that the era of book banning and censored classrooms is still alive and well in American secondary schools today. This permission slip mentality regarding literature presents a great disservice to students, many of whom find themselves starting … Continue reading Literature in Classrooms: NYU Professor Banned from Teaching, Junot Díaz Short Story Controversy

The New Generation of Writers: Clicks, Lists and GIFs

  On a late afternoon in fall, perhaps after returning from a lecture in a Greek or Roman studies course at Oxford, young Oscar Wilde sits in his cramped dormitory and contemplates a long while, his MacBook Air open before him on the desk. Fragments of a new idea formulate in his minds eye, an … Continue reading The New Generation of Writers: Clicks, Lists and GIFs

MTV’s “Awkward” Strikes Out

  I just missed the boat when it comes to the music era of what I refer to as “Maternity Television,” or MTV for short. I vaguely recall exposure to it for a brief moment in my youth, images of Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady music video flashing across a modest 32” screen attached to a … Continue reading MTV’s “Awkward” Strikes Out

A Finisher of None

  Back when I started business school (for the third time, I might add), my Marketing 101 professor explained to us the psychological dilemma that occurs when a person feels overwhelmed by too many choices: they shut down.   This is where I find myself this evening.   I am a starter of many projects … Continue reading A Finisher of None

The Most Brilliant Fucking Idea I Never Had

  It should be here. It has to be.   I scan the desktop, reading off each Word Document title. After the third search, with no better result, I begin to question my sanity a little bit.   I wrote it. I know I did. The idea was brilliant. Revolutionary. So brilliant, in fact, that … Continue reading The Most Brilliant Fucking Idea I Never Had

iPhone, Meet Drawer.

  I have this fantasy of being one of those writers that holes up in some decrepit old property, seemingly fading into obscurity until the inevitable day comes when I birth a masterpiece and release it into the world.   A recluse. A hermit. Whatever term you want to call it. As long as it entails … Continue reading iPhone, Meet Drawer.